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About us

Like all great ideas, TRYO came to life in a conversation between friends. On a fateful evening when one of us randomly talked about his poor experience with some e-commerce players, everybody suddenly sat up and started paying attention. All of us had gone through the same experience in one shape or the other. The existing players in the market only paid lip service to the needs of the customers and either lacked the capability or the will to solve them. And in that moment, TRYO was born. An internet company that puts customers at the center of whatever it does - and not just on paper. 

TRYO imagines an ecommerce experience which is better than physical retail. The comfort of ordering from a vast variety of high quality products, the pleasure of having that product delivered to your doorstep in a matter of hours, the ability to touch and feel the product before buying, Tryo plans to put the customer back in the driving seat with its RE*-commerce experience. When TRYERs get the luxury of trying before buying, not only do they ascertain product quality & fit, they get the opportunity of on the spot zero-hassle return

  • That’s all fine but you must be wondering, how do we do it? Easy! We put the customer at the center of every decision we make and the solutions start appearing :) Here are a few things that we do differently:-Invest in top notch procurement infrastructure to buy only high quality products for you at low costs.
  • Work very closely with our suppliers so that you get to choose from the hottest products in the market. 
  • Charge everyday low prices so that you can buy whatever you like whenever you like without paying exorbitant prices and without waiting for sales.
  • Invest in our own warehousing and logistics so that you get the shortest delivery times and the right product every time.
  • Ship products free of cost so that you can order with us without any care in the world.
  • Deliver what we show on our store and give you the opportunity to check it before you pay us.
  • Give you the opportunity to return the product on the spot if it does not meet your expectations, saving you from lengthy return and refund processes.

The experience we are building for you today is unheard of in the Pakistani context and the only fruit of this labour is your happiness(not just satisfaction). If we have that, we have everything. Come join us in this journey and build this new world with us.

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